Springfield Attorneys Seek Compensation for Vehicle Accident Victims in the Union County Area

Thorough New Jersey lawyers assist with insurance claims and litigation

Like New Jersey traffic, car crashes are an unfortunate fact of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with merging cars on Route 22 or are around the corner from your home, an auto accident can cause a major disruption to your life instantly. At PKM Personal Injury Lawyers in Springfield, we help collision victims from around the state navigate the insurance claims process and legal system so that they can recover the compensation they need to pay their medical expenses, replace lost income and heal from the pain and hardship caused by the crash.

Factors that frequently lead to automobile crash injuries

Working with an accomplished injury firm gives New Jersey clients the ability to present a comprehensive legal argument during settlement negotiations and litigation. We are familiar with all of the factors that can trigger a serious car crash, such as:

  • Speeding — Motorists who disobey speed limits lose some ability to react quickly and increase the potential harm that can result from a collision. Even if no ticket was given, we can review the evidence to see if the motorist at fault was speeding.
  • Distracted driving — With cell phones and dashboard screens, there are more potential distractions than ever for someone behind the wheel. These distractions, as well as traditional forms of dangerous behavior, such as in-car eating and grooming, pose a serious threat.
  • Alcohol or drugs — For most new Jersey drivers, legal intoxication is defined as a blood-alcohol concentration of at least .08 percent. However, even if someone is not legally drunk, they could be impaired by alcohol or drugs that might be easily detectable.
  • Mechanical failure — Even a simple flaw such as a defective tire is capable of setting off a devastating crash. Our firm has the ability and determination to take on negligent manufacturers when an auto accident injury is traceable to a mechanical failure.
  • Poor weather — Icy roads, high winds and even extreme sun glare can compromise a driver’s ability to handle their vehicle correctly. When weather conditions are poor, motorists are compelled to take additional care to protect themselves and others on the road.

Regardless of whether you’ve suffered minor injuries or a major trauma that will require extensive healing time, our firm offers strong legal support. We also assist estate representatives and surviving family members in wrongful death actions stemming from fatal car crashes.

Knowledgeable advocates advise on New Jersey’s auto insurance system

New Jersey is a “choice no fault” auto insurance state. This means that drivers who have standard policies file a claim with their own carrier no matter who caused the accident. Medical bills and other healthcare expenses arising from the accident are covered by the victim’s personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. There are basic policies, however, where an individual has the right to sue the at-fault driver in cases of severe harm. If you’re unsure about your options, our firm will explain your rights under your particular coverage.

Skillful litigators represent motorcycle and truck accident plaintiffs

No matter what type of vehicle you are in, a collision is a dangerous and traumatic event. However, in truck accident and motorcycle accident cases, there are special legal and practical considerations that apply. If you’ve been hit by a commercial vehicle, we can examine information from the truck’s electronic data recorder to evaluate whether rules that govern the operation of big rigs were violated. Our firm also assists motorcycle riders who often suffer more severe injuries in collisions because of their direct exposure to the other vehicle.

Contact a dedicated New Jersey auto accident lawyer to discuss your injury claim

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