Springfield Injury Attorneys Seek Compensation for New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Victims

Effective Union County litigators assist bikers who have been hit by cars and trucks

A beautiful day riding a motorcycle in New Jersey can turn ugly in a minute if a motorist isn’t paying attention and hits you. Drivers sometimes fail to look out for bikers or refuse to follow the laws created to help vehicles share the road safely. Located in Springfield, PKM Personal Injury Lawyers represent victims of motorcycle accidents throughout the state and vigorously pursue appropriate payment through settlement negotiations and in court. You can depend on us to review the legal and factual issues carefully and develop a strategy designed to bring you justice while holding the careless driver accountable.

Major causes of motorcycle accidents

Many auto accidents can be attributed to a few common causes, such as distractions and drunk driving.  Motorcycle riders must be aware of these potential hazards as well as risks that aren’t as dangerous to people inside cars and trucks. Our firm is committed to asserting the rights of injured riders in all types of accident claims, including cases arising from:

  • Unsafe lane changes — New Jersey has reviewed the prospect of establishing a definitive law relating to lane sharing (sometimes called “lane splitting”). Right now, the rule is somewhat unclear, but whether you’re between cars or alone in your lane, a car that changes lanes abruptly and/or without signaling could knock a motorcycle off balance, causing road rash or a much more serious injury.
  • Careless left turns — A large percentage of motorcycle accidents occur when a bike is making a left turn across a line of traffic. Motorists at a stop sign or a traffic light frequently proceed without realizing that a motorcycle is turning in front of them. The risk is even greater if the driver is distracted or impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  • Road hazards — Cars and trucks might be able to move past road hazards such as potholes and debris with ease. However, a problem on the surface could upend a motorcycle or force them to swerve toward traffic in order to avoid the obstacle.
  • Sudden stops — When a vehicle stops suddenly in front of a motorcycle, the biker might not have enough time to avoid a collision or the momentum might send them over the handlebars.

No matter what led to your motorcycle crash, our firm is dedicated to securing the compensation you deserve to address your medical costs, lost income and the pain you endured during and after your accident.

Firm handles severe injury and wrongful death cases arising from bike crashes

Riding a motorcycle in the open air is a thrill for many people, but that freedom comes with a potential downside. Without the protection provided by a car or truck, bikers are more likely to suffer severe injuries and fatalities in an accident. As experienced personal injury lawyers, we know how to support claims involving permanent medical conditions that can result from a motorcycle crash, such as paralysis and loss of brain function. In the event of a fatal accident, our firm advises bereaved loved ones and estate representatives on the compensation available in a wrongful death action.

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