Springfield Personal Injury Lawyers Assist Dog Bite Victims

New Jersey firm advocates for people hurt in animal attacks

A dog bite is no joke, regardless of the canine’s size or breed. Located in Springfield, PKM Personal Injury Lawyers advocate on behalf of North Jersey clients in dog bite claims. Whether you suffered serious lacerations, a broken bone or a different type of harm, our firm is ready to take the legal steps necessary to make you whole. In the rare event that an animal attack is fatal, our firm also handles wrongful death litigation.  

Skillful attorneys work to hold pet owners accountable

Unlike some states where a dog bite victim needs to show that the owner was aware of their pet’s dangerous propensity (the “one bite” rule), New Jersey uses a strict liability standard that holds the defendant dog owner accountable even if they had no inkling that their dog presented an injury risk. Throughout Union and Essex counties, along with other locations in the state, we provide comprehensive counsel on key aspects of these claims, including: 

  • Available damages — Once you have demonstrated that you were bitten by a dog and that one of the legal defenses apply, there are several types of damages you can receive. The defendant or their insurance company should be responsible for your medical bills resulting from the attack and any wages you lost because the dog bite forced you to miss work. You can also recover payment for pain and suffering as well as emotional trauma resulting from the injury. 
  • Other types of attacks — In certain situations, a dog might cause an injury without biting the victim. For example a large dog might get excited and knock someone down by jumping on them. These injuries do not fall under the strict liability standard, but a defendant can still be required to pay damages in a negligence action if they did not take reasonable care to prevent the incident.
  • Potential defenses — Though New Jersey is what is known as a “strict liability” jurisdiction when it comes to dog bites, there are some arguments that a defendant can raise in an attempt to avoid legal liability. Someone who is trespassing on another’s premises is not eligible to collect damages if a dog belonging to that property’s owner bites him or her. Likewise, the defendant could try to claim that the victim bears partial or full responsibility for the attack because he or she acted carelessly or provoked the dog in some way.

As in other New Jersey personal injury actions, dog bite litigation typically must be commenced within two years of the incident. If you’ve been bitten or injured in some other way by a pet, our experienced injury firm will examine the relevant facts and tell you what you can expect should you pursue legal relief.

New Jersey’s laws regarding dangerous dogs

New Jersey law includes a set of provisions pertaining to dangerous dogs. Local animal control officers can make this designation after a dog engages in an unprovoked attack on a person or another animal. Under these statutes, special precautions must be taken, which can include muzzles, fencing and signs warning people of the potential hazard for those who come near the animal. When bringing a negligence action, this determination can be very important in proving that the defendant knew their dog presented a danger to others and breached their duty of care. 

Contact a thorough New Jersey firm for advice on a dog bite claim

PKM Personal Injury Lawyers represent New Jersey residents who have required medical treatment due to a dog bite or a different type of attack from another person’s pet. Located in Springfield, our firm maintains flexible hours and can be reached by calling 908-677-5012 or contacting us online