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Sadly, some people who go to a doctor, hire a lawyer or enter a nursing home do not receive the professional service they deserve. Located in Springfield, PKM Personal Injury Lawyers represents victims in professional liability cases throughout New Jersey. If you or a loved one was harmed due to medical malpractice, our attorneys have the experience, skill and resources to secure appropriate relief through a verdict or settlement. We also take on attorneys, architects and nursing home operators who failed to honor their professional responsibility.  

Knowledgeable lawyers Advocate for victims of healthcare negligence

To recover payment, a medical malpractice victim must be able to show how the violation of professional standards led to damages such as physical harm, additional medical bills, missed time at work and a decrease in the plaintiff’s quality of life. An experienced injury lawyer can review the situation and all factors involved to assess if financial compensation is warranted due to a form of malpractice, such as:  

  • Misdiagnosis — It is critical for doctors to recognize symptoms and to conduct the proper inquiry to determine if those symptoms are linked to a serious illness or injury. When a misdiagnosis or a delay in recognizing a condition harms a patient, our attorneys demonstrate the effects of the practitioner’s negligence. 
  • Surgical errors — Patients are especially vulnerable when they’re undergoing surgery. We seek justice for individuals who were harmed because of a physical or mental error in the operating room.
  • Birth injuries — During childbirth, obstetricians and other medical personnel must focus on the well-being of the mother and her infant. Failure to use proper procedure could lead to a loss of oxygen that triggers a brain injury or nerve damage, sometimes referred to as Erb’s palsy. In certain situations, a birth injury victim might have to deal with the effects of medical malpractice for the rest of their lives. Our firm understands the seriousness of claims that arise from labor and delivery problems and advocates for a resolution that addresses the short- and long-term consequences of this negligence.
  • Abuse and neglect — Hospitals, nursing homes and similar facilities have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for patients and residents. If you believe that you or someone you love suffered due to neglect or intentional misconduct such as abusive treatment, we’ll make every legal effort to uncover the truth. 

As in other personal injury claims, New Jersey victims of medical malpractice are usually required to initiate legal claims within two years of the incident at issue. However, there are cases where a victim experiences medical problems following treatment but has no real way to identify the source of the condition. In these conditions, the statute of limitations can be tolled until the date when the reason for the problem is, or should have been, discovered.

Unlike other types of personal injury lawsuits, medical malpractice actions require that an expert affidavit supporting the plaintiff’s claim be submitted within 60 days of the defendant’s answer. A medical practitioner who is board-certified in the same field as the accused is required to attest that the victim was harmed due the defendant’s violation of professional standards.      

Litigators assist people hurt by careless attorneys, architects and nursing homes

Doctors are not the only professionals we trust with vital matters. An attorney who fails to uphold their duty to provide effective counsel can put your financial well-being, or even your freedom, in jeopardy. Someone who is in a nursing home or similar care facility depends on the people there to keep them safe and healthy. You can rely on us to pursue an appropriate remedy when a lawyer, architect, nursing home or some other party providing professional services fails to meet industry standards. In these cases, we review the facts thoroughly to identify where the problem occurred and quantify how much damage resulted from the breach. 

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