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Trucks that travel down I-78, Route 24 and other major state roads carry far more weight than the cars, motorcycles and bicycles that they share the road with. Consequently, you are much more likely to be seriously hurt in a collision with a commercial vehicle. PKM Personal Injury Lawyers in Springfield have the knowledge and experience to handle the complex medical evidence and legal issues that are often associated with truck accident litigation. Our firm will look at every possible factor that might have led to your collision and work diligently to obtain fair compensation from any person or company at fault for your injuries.

Firm takes action against trucking companies and other liable parties

In auto accidents involving passenger vehicles, the legal responsibility for a crash usually rests with the person behind the wheel, who likely is the owner of the car or truck. However, many different defendants might exist after a commercial vehicle is in a collision. Our accomplished personal injury firm examines whether a trucking company is partly responsible for a driver’s negligence because their vehicle was unsafe or their driver lacked proper training. Businesses that contract trucks to haul materials might also be subject to liability if their dangerous cargo or job demands contributed to the crash.

Common causes of New Jersey truck accidents

Due to their size and weight, the drivers of large trucks must abide by additional federal standards. Still, serious accidents occur for numerous reasons, including:  

  • Tired drivers — Government regulations mandate how many hours a commercial vehicle operator can remain behind the wheel and how much rest they need before resuming work. However, pressure to finish a job and other factors might lead drivers to continue on when they’re drowsy.
  • Drug and alcohol impairment — Truck drivers are considered legally intoxicated when their blood-alcohol content is .04 percent or higher. This is stricter than the standard for passenger vehicle drivers over the age of 21. If there is evidence of impairment from alcohol, drugs designed to heighten alertness or other substances, we’ll press to hold the driver accountable.
  • Speeding and other traffic violations — Unsafe vehicle operation is always hazardous, but when a truck driver is speeding, weaving or committing some other type of traffic offense, the danger is much worse.
  • Unsafe cargo — The heavier the cargo, the more difficult it can be for a truck driver to maneuver the vehicle out of trouble. Overloaded trucks increase the likelihood and severity of highway accidents. Likewise, commercial vehicles that carry toxic or flammable substances could make a bad accident much worse if drivers and trucking companies do not strictly adhere to the pertinent rules.
  • Mechanical and maintenance failures — Tractor-trailers and other big rigs are very sophisticated vehicles that demand frequent maintenance. Should an investigation show that a defective part or inadequate maintenance factored into the crash, we’ll take action against the liable parties.

Almost any type of force-related injury can result when another vehicle is struck by a truck. Whether your case involves broken bones, a concussion, burns or a catastrophic injury such as paralysis, we’re ready to press for appropriate relief through a verdict or settlement. Our firm also handles wrongful death actions on behalf of plaintiffs following fatal truck accidents.

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