Springfield Premises Liability Attorneys Work to Hold Property Owners Accountable

Skillful New Jersey litigators represent plaintiffs in negligence claims

Getting hurt on someone else’s property isn’t just awkward, it might lead to longstanding physical and financial harm. Serving clients in Union and Essex counties, as well other areas throughout the state, PKM Personal Injury Lawyers offer knowledgeable advice and advocacy in a wide array of premises liability claims. Whether your incident occurred on a residential or commercial property, our attorney pursues maximum payment for plaintiffs injured by falls, dog bites and other incidents that occur when defendants do not protect others who are on their premises.

Dedicated firm advocates for victims of falls, dog bites and poor security

Throughout North and Central Jersey, our firm prepares compelling, well-supported legal arguments on behalf of plaintiffs hurt as a result of:

  • Slip and fall incidents — Spills on supermarket floors, hard-to-see obstacles, cracked pavement and other untended hazards are responsible for numerous slip and fall accidents that require medical treatment for broken bones, back trouble and traumatic brain injuries.
  • Inadequate security — Someone who operates a business or holds an event where many people are expected to congregate should ensure that adequate security is provided. This is particularly true in situations where one can expect that alcohol and/or drugs are being consumed.
  • Lack of proper safety measures — Simple precautions such as replacing a burned-out light bulb or installing a handrail could prevent someone from suffering a serious injury. Sometimes, government regulations set forth the safety measures that need to be taken in order for a property owner to fulfill their legal duty. Alternatively, it could be a question as to what the law considers to be a reasonable safety measure under the circumstances. After analyzing the facts in your case, our experienced personal injury firm will work to get you adequate compensation.
  • Dog bites — In New Jersey, dog owners are responsible for the medical bills that result when their pet bites someone. A defendant might try to allege that the attack occurred because the victim provoked the dog or trespassed. Should this occur, we work to counter these defenses and obtain full reimbursement for dog-bite victims.

Don’t be pressured into a settlement that does not fully compensate you for the negative effects linked your injury. By conducting an exhaustive review of the evidence, we’ll increase the likelihood of recovering appropriate payment for your medical costs, lost wages and other damages authorized by New Jersey law. 

Three categories of premises liability plaintiffs under New Jersey law

To hold a property owner liable for an injury that occurs due to their negligence, that property owner must owe a legal duty of care to the victim. The reason why someone is present on the premises could affect what type of measures are required. For example, a business owner must maintain safe conditions for customers (sometimes referred to as “invitees”) and advise them of any hazards that might not be readily visible.

A person, such as a house guest, who is legally on another’s property even if they were not necessarily invited is known as a “licensee.” Homeowners and businesses must warn licensees of potential dangers. Trespassers constitute the third category of people who could be on someone else’s premises. In these situations, the property owner is only required to avoid intentional or reckless acts that lead to a trespasser’s injury.

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