Lawyers Work to Help Victims of Severe Injuries in Union County

NEW Jersey firm files claims to secure compensation for those who have suffered catastrophic harm

Some negligence claims concern physical harm that lasts for a short period of time and can be addressed through a fairly straightforward settlement. On the other hand, when a car crash, medical error or a different type of careless conduct leads to catastrophic harm, the legal challenge might be much tougher. PKM Personal Injury Lawyers, located in Springfield, is a New Jersey firm that delivers effective counsel to the victims of catastrophic injuries. Our firm is committed to making a positive difference for people who are experiencing severe medical problems. Accordingly, we use our skills and experience to secure appropriate financial recoveries for clients in and out of court.

Attorneys litigate cases arising from car accidents and medical negligence

A catastrophic injury might occur as a result of a vehicle accident or due to a defective product in a manufacturing facility. Regardless of the particular incident, each case is unique, and the best way to prove your case is to rely on a personal injury firm with a strong track record. We are ready to take on complex cases related to medical malpractice, construction accidents and other examples of negligence in order to reimburse victims for their medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, lost work income, pain and suffering and diminished enjoyment in their daily lives.

Dedicated legal counselors aid people suffering from serious ailments

Serving clients throughout northern New Jersey, our firm has the skill and determination to handle claims stemming from life-changing harm such as:  

  • Traumatic brain injuries — Litigating cases involving brain injuries can be complicated. Symptoms might not be consistent and sometimes don’t present themselves for a long time after the incident. We make sure to obtain a detailed medical assessment when representing traumatic brain injury victims.
  • Paralysis and spinal damage — One blow to a person’s spinal cord could inflict damage that results in partial or complete paralysis. Whether this severe disability is temporary or permanent, victims and their families not only are subjected to expensive medical bills, but might also be required to purchase high-priced mobility equipment and make modifications to their home. As you face this substantial challenge, our firm offers knowledgeable guidance so that you have the information you require to secure a proper legal resolution.
  • Loss of sense or function — Some injuries permanently prevent a victim from living as they once did. If you were blinded in your accident, suffered hearing damage or lost a limb, we prepare a detailed argument as to how your life was changed forever by someone else’s carelessness.
  • Severe burns — Skin grafts and other procedures necessary to treat the harm caused by a severe burn could take many months or even years. When someone is burned in a fire, explosion, electrocution or chemical accident, our firm works to secure a proper remedy for the resulting medical problems, pain and disfigurement.
  • Damage to bones and internal organs — In vehicle accidents, serious falls and construction accidents, blunt impact to bones and internal organs could have lasting effects. We assess the medical care that might be required to help heal broken bones and damaged organs when preparing a settlement demand or lawsuit.

Whenever someone is faced with the possibility of high healthcare costs associated with a catastrophic injury, there is financial pressure to accept a quick settlement. However, this might not be in your best interests. Speaking with an accomplished personal injury lawyer will help you realize what type of financial recovery you should expect given the circumstances in your case.

Contact an accomplished New Jersey firm regarding your catastrophic injury claim

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