Springfield Lawyers Pursue Relief for Clients Who Lost Loved Ones Due to Others’ Negligence

Proven NEW Jersey attorneys handle all types of wrongful death claims

Under New Jersey law, legal relief is available if someone dies due to the wrongful act or negligence of another person or entity. From our office in Springfield, PKM Personal Injury Lawyers provide strong support and advocacy to loved ones and estate representatives in wrongful death litigation. Whatever led to your unfortunate loss, you can rely on us for honest counsel and determined representation as you seek compensation to address the financial and emotional impact of your loved one’s death.  

Firm seeks justice after fatal car accidents and medical errors

It can be very difficult for bereaved family members to move past their grief. We know this and provide comprehensive legal support for North Jersey clients in all types of wrongful death matters, including those arising from:

  • Vehicle accidents — After a deadly auto accident, our firm gathers the necessary evidence and consults with reconstruction experts if necessary to build the strongest case possible.
  • Medical malpractice — If you suspect that a loved one lost their life due to medical malpractice, we’ll review the circumstances in detail when evaluating if a healthcare provider’s negligence was a factor.
  • Construction accidents — Whether due to a fall, electrocution or some other type of lethal harm, we vigorously pursue claims stemming from fatal construction accidents.

We understand the tactics that insurance companies and defense lawyers use to thwart worthy claims and effectively asserts the rights of wrongful death plaintiffs. 

Damages available in a New Jersey wrongful death claim

The representative of the victim’s estate usually serves as the plaintiff in a wrongful death case. Compensation that is secured through a settlement or judgment can go to the decedent’s surviving spouse, children and parents. In the absence of these family members, other relatives and dependents of the victim could also receive payment. Our experienced injury attorneys represent New Jersey clients in these cases to help collect damages such as:

  • Final expenses — Plaintiffs in wrongful death actions are eligible to obtain reimbursement for funeral costs, burial expenses and medical bills that the victim incurred as a result of the fatal incident before passing away.
  • Loss of income and benefits — Family members might lose decades of income and benefits that the victim would have earned. By analyzing work history and consulting with experts, our firm develops a well-supported assessment regarding the financial impact of the fatal incident.   
  • Value of household services — When a member of the household suddenly passes away, there is more than an emotional void. Someone else must now handle the chores and other tasks that were the decedent’s responsibility. We’ll explain how to value the services that must be replaced and seek full compensation for them.
  • Absence of companionship — No amount of money can replace what you’re missing after someone you love suffers an untimely fatality. Still, it is appropriate for a liable defendant to provide some relief for the companionship that you’ve lost as a result of their actions. During negotiations and litigation, our firm makes sure that the personal impact of a wrongful death is never forgotten.   

New Jersey law typically gives potential wrongful death plaintiffs two years from the date of the fatality to file a legal claim. If it is not immediately clear who is responsible for the fatal harm, the statute of limitations might not begin to run until the source of the death is discoverable.  

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